My Background

Jess V is a United States veteran, she served in the United States Marines, after graduating High School. Her two deployments to Iraq in 2003 and 2004, impacted her life forever. After attending different veteran's retreats throughout our country, Jessica realized that she was not alone and that their deployments affected many veterans. This realization inspired Jessica to take action and become involved in the veteran community. Jessica aspires to raise awareness about post-traumatic stress/ moral injury. Her goal is to raise awareness about the different veteran's retreats that are offered to our
military veterans.

Jess V has created a beautiful art collection to give back to the veterans retreats she has attended. Her Lux & Oscurita' Collection currently displays inside of Senator Jackie Rosen's office at the Las Vegas Loyd D George United States Courtroom.  Every image from the Lux and Oscurita' Collection, Jessica plans to donate 10% of the profit to non-profit's veteran organization. Her goal is to use her art to raise awareness about the challenges our veterans are suffering from and to help the non-profit retreats for veterans get exposure as well as donations.

You can read more about the veteran's retreat Jessica has attended on her blog!

Photography as Communication

I am surrounded both by natural beauty and interesting people. I use my camera to document the world and then print images with a focus on the magic I find in daily life. My pictures tell my stories. 

Art that gives back to veterans/veteran art

Through my prints, I invite you to bring bits of my stories into your life and home. New prints are released regularly, so check back often. If you sign up for updates, you will get notified about new prints , sales, and events.

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